Expertise Smartest Comprehensive

Who Are We?

ESCHK Computer Services and IT Consulting - Stand for "Expertise" "Smartest" "Comprehensive"


At ESCHK, we believe that technology exists to bring ideas to life. Our consultants are leaders in the areas of System and Network as well as Cybersecurity. The ESCHK approach guarantees that our solutions deploy faster and cost less, with the added bonus of advanced usability.

Our consultation service offers a side by side working schedule with your I.T team by weekly progress meetings, monthly report, technical advisory and quarterly mini-audits.

As a management, you will get an independent technical messenger on one hand, a business oriented consultant on the other. We aim to create a transparent IT working environment for you to understand and manage your assets and business. We create roadmaps for your business development and IT development. We will show you what is done, what is being done and what needs to be done with a feasible and realistic timeline.