Consulting & Services

We have a professional team of IT consulting experts that combine skill, knowledge, experience and industry certifications to give you the best premiere service possible at affordable prices. So if you need help with migrating or installing your email system, developing security solutions, designing or upgrading a network infrastructure, performing cable management, performing help desk services, performing project planning, creating documentation and IT outsourcing, IT Consultants can help you.

Asset management
Asset management requires accurate and updated record keeping, ESCHK IT consultant can provide an asset management solution which allows end users to have better inventory control and have a paperless environment.

System & networking monitoring
Real time system & networking monitoring can eliminate risk of downtime or sudden disruptions with greater follow-on consequences. Our IT consultant will provide a system trouble free system & networking monitoring solution.

Patch management
Patch Management is a vital piece of component in our IT Consultant Service. System security is one of the most important part in business day to day operation, ensuring our clients have the most up-to-date patch is one of the top priority of our IT Consultant. 
ESCHK IT Consultant Service enables us to provide real time automatic patch update as well as “one Click roll back feature if needed.

Network Security
Assess your IT environment and advise you on the best strategies to protect against security threats and ensure business continuity. Mitigate cyber-attacks and recover your network quickly with minimal impact. Upkeep the security standard for your business by advising on the latest security intelligence and technology. Integrate new technologies and simplify the architecture of large, complex multi-site environments. Design relevant and effective network solutions
Manage project implementation from beginning to completion, to ensure successful integration with your IT environment

Helpdesk & Remote Backup support
ESCHK provides both remote and onsite computer support service to end users. To answer calls from end users, helpdesk remote computer support will gather information and find out the problem by analyzing the symptoms and discover the fundamental problem. It may include solving desktop application problems or answering general day to day operation questions. Once the problem is identified, help desk will begin choosing possible solutions available. Helpdesk remote computer support typically manage simple problems by using system management tool that provided by ESCHK. 


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